About Us

Samara is dedicated to crafting high-quality clothing using only the finest organic linen, ensuring both the longevity of the garments and the well-being of the environment. Our pieces are perfect for the modern, conscious traveler who wants to look and feel great while also doing their part to protect the planet. From breezy sundresses to chic linen separates, our resort wear collection is designed with comfort, style, and sustainability in mind. Experience the difference of wearing clothing that’s not only beautiful but also has a positive impact on the world.

Our Story

Samara Natural Resort Wear’s story is one of passion, purpose, and sustainability. The brand was founded more than 8 years ago with a vision to create a fashion brand that would have a positive impact on the world. Our founder’s inspiration came from the beauty of nature and the need for change in the fashion industry, which led to the creation of eco-friendly and stylish resort wear.

The mission of Samara Natural Resort Wear is to create sustainable and ethical resort wear that’s both stylish and comfortable. We believe that fashion should not only be about looking good but also feeling good and doing good. The commitment to sustainability is evident in the use of organic linen and cotton, low-impact dyes, and meticulous fit to create clothing that’s gentle on both people and the planet. Ethical practices are prioritized throughout the entire supply chain, from sourcing materials to production to shipping, ensuring that every garment is made with respect for both people and the environment.

Sustainability and Ethicality

Sustainability : Certified Organic Pure Linen

Our daily resort wear are made of European Flax & Oeko Certified Linen. It guarantee the traceability for premium linen fibre grown in Europe.
Ensuring the process is natural and sustainable, without artificial irrigation and GMO free.

Sustainability: Econly: Recycled Polyamide Nylon

Our swimwear collection are made of recycled polyamide or usually known as econyl = recycled nylon. This is textile recyling process of plastic waste to create a eco-nylon instead of producing new nylon. Wearing this materias is a way to support plastic waste reduction & sustainability.


Our Packaging is reusable zip-lock pouch which is reusable and durable. You can store and re-use for many purposes especially if you are going on summer holiday.
The pouch is water-resistant, so you can keep your liquid belongings or your wet swimsuit inside to keep your bag safe and dry.

Ethical Work Practices

We ensure all workers are working in a safe and supporting environment, also are having more than minimum salary wedges.
We believe in improving the livelihood and well-being of our people as a support to our local community.


Ethical & Sustainable

At Samara, we are committed to creating high-quality, fashionable clothing while also prioritizing the well-being of our planet and the people who make our clothes. As an ethical and sustainable fashion manufacturer, we believe that fashion can and should be a force for good.


Professional Manufacturer

Our team of experienced designers, pattern makers, and production specialists work tirelessly to ensure that each and every garment we produce meets our strict standards of quality and style. Whether we are creating custom pieces for our clients or designing our own line of clothing, we always prioritize the needs and desires of our customers.


Ship Worldwide

At Samara, we are proud to open for clients all over the world, and we are committed to delivering our products to you, no matter where you are located. Contact us today to learn more about our international shipping policies and how we can partner with you to meet your needs.

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